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Plastic Surgery includes both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. The term "Plastic" comes from the Greek word "plastikos" meaning to mold or shape.

Dr. Becker consistently monitors and learns about the newest technologies as they become available. Only those technologies which have proven to be safe to the patient, but also deliver results are incorporated into the clinic. Examples of bringing cutting-edge technology to the area include: the first microdermabrasion in western North Dakota, one of the first to use BOTOX® cosmetically in the state, the first plastic surgeon to use non-ablative radiofrequency procedures in North Dakota, use of Restylane® for wrinkles within weeks of FDA approval, purchase of one of the first 100 Syneron Aurora devices in the United States, one of the first ten clinics in the United States to utilize the 1320 Nd:YAG laser for varicose veins, presented the first case ever of Raynauds phenomenon to be treated with BOTOX® Injections, and development of the first medical spa in the Dakotas.
Patients are encouraged to come in for a consultation to determine if surgery is right for them. Cosmetic surgical consultations are free of charge. We are also grateful for the opportunity to see you for a second opinion, so that you may choose the procedure and the surgeon you feel most comfortable with. After all, you are putting your full trust and faith in your surgeon.

I feel its worth my 6 hours drive to trust my care to Dr. Becker, because of his expertise, finesse, careful attention and down-to-earth demeanor.  

- M.N.

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