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My results are absolutely wonderful. It was easily worth the trip, I've referred all my friends to you. 

- D.F.

I feel its worth my 6 hours drive to trust my care to Dr. Becker, because of his expertise, finesse, careful attention and down-to-earth demeanor.  

- M.N.

All my questions were answered completely. There was no rushed feeling ever. I felt like I was the only patient. I cannot express enough the satisfaction of the entire experience. Thank you! 

- M.D.

It was well worth traveling to Bismarck. I am so pleased with the results.  

- F.D.

I am so glad i did it. I feel much more confident when i go out.  

- P.R.

If I had known how easy it was going to be, I would have done it sooner. All of you are awesome. This was definitely a positive experience for me.  

- G.N.

We saved so much by traveling to see Dr. Becker, yet I can't imagine receiving better care or having better results.  

- D.C.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you and to tell you how extremely impressed I am with the entire staff at this facility. Everyone I dealt with was so kind, understanding and so very nice. I was in a bit of a "flux" just before surgery and Dr. Becker and his staff did and said all the right things to make me feel comfortable. My recovery was simple and I attribute that to the excellent care i received.  

- K.B.

This was an awesome experience. The staff treated me like a princess! You are fantastic! 

- T.S.

The results I have already to me are amazing and it hasn't even been a month yet! My bruising is almost all gone and I'm looking for a new swimsuit. Really, thanks a lot to everyone.  

- B.S.

Thank you for the excellent care I received during my procedure as well as post-op and pre-op care. Everyone is so professional and has made me feel comfortable when responding to all my questions and concerns. I am extremely pleased with my results and my new found confidence. I will be taking a trip to the beach soon and will be wearing a swimsuit, something I haven't worn in years! I would highly recommend your services to anyone. Thanks again! 

- L.R.

Dr. Becker is a very reassuring and calming type of doctor.  

- H.G.

My experience with Becker Plastic Surgery more than exceeded my expectations. Thanks for the extra care, education, consideration and honesty. 

- K.C.

You are all very kind and supportive and understanding. I would recommend you to family and friends. I'm glad your're here.  

- L.J.

The "proof" of your work is in my smile and my well being! 

- T.S.

You've made this whole experience for my very informative and comfortable.  

- R.M.

Your consideration for me as your patient was and is outstanding.  

- L.H.

I would recommend Dr. Becker to everyone who may consider any procedure... don't wait.  

- E.D.

Definitely one of the best moves I've made in life. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner! 

- B.D.

You all did a wonderful job...very kind and considerate to me... 

- L.K.

I have been all over the place...I consider you to be one of the best.  

- J.B.

I favor your personal opinion over any other doctor I have been to.  

- J.C.


1500 Interchange Ave
Suite 100
Bismarck, North Dakota 58501
Telephone: (701) 530-3333

I would recommend Dr. Becker to everyone who may consider any procedure... don't wait.  

- E.D.

1500 Interchange Ave, Suite 100     Bismarck, North Dakota 58501    Phone: (701) 530-3333

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